The most meaningful work you will do with your CAMERA.

Capture special moments of love for parents experiencing the loss of a baby. Your precious gift provides healing for a family while honoring the baby’s legacy.


I will forever be grateful to my photographer for giving me my most treasured possession.

— Mom of baby

The Role of a NILMDTS Affiliated Photographer

You will find fulfillment by volunteering your talent to families experiencing the loss of a baby. The professional-level photographs you will gift can turn a hidden pain into healing for bereaved families, bring awareness to a community, and provide a sense of honor to you.

Our Affiliated Photographers walk alongside families during some of their only moments with their babies. The majority of our sessions take place at hospitals and all photos are gently retouched in black and white.

The Affiliated Photographer position requires an application and evaluation of photography and lighting skills.



Submit your application today to volunteer. Click here for details on preparing your application.


The NILMDTS Application Team will review your application within 2-4 weeks of submission. Digital Retouch Artists will receive an email with sample images to retouch.


You will receive an email from NILMDTS with your acceptance status. Photographers may be asked for additional images to complete their application.


Approved volunteers will complete an online training. For more information on training, check out our volunteer FAQs.


Upon completion of training you will connect with your local NILMDTS team and community volunteers. 

Photographers: My Why

"Volunteering for NILMDTS has changed my life. It has made me a better photographer, editor, and has opened my life up to meeting so many amazing people. I am so incredibly grateful and honored to be able to capture these memories for each family I meet. I don't have the words to express what exactly it means to me, but I can't imagine my life now without NILMDTS. I am forever, a million times over, humbled by each and every session I do."

- Halé Adams, Affiliated Photographer

"As a father and photographer, you hope to capture the milestones of your child growing up, taking first steps, going to school, playing sports, or dancing at her wedding. When I think about our daughter that passed away at just 3 days old, it breaks my heart that we couldn’t experience those things here on earth together. But having beautiful professional images of the precious few moments as a family, taken by a NILMDTS photographer, are so incredibly meaningful to us and is what inspired me to volunteer for NILMDTS and what motivates me to serve others to the best of my abilities. I hope that the gift we offer at NILMDTS will allow families to grieve, heal, then celebrate the life of their little ones just like it has for us."

- Mark Mandi, Affiliated Photographer & Parent

When I started photographing for NILMDTS, I was nervous. I wasn't sure how I would handle the sadness. There is sadness and tragedy, but the bottom line is always LOVE. These little angels are loved. Their families want to remember, and the pictures we take can help fill an empty place in a sad heart. What a privilege it is to be part of that! I am a NILMDTS volunteer photographer because of LOVE! I know how much I love my babies, and I honor them each time I help another family. Love wins when we lift others up. Love wins when we remember.


NILMDTS Affiliated Photographer

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