Giving bereaved parents in Colorado keepsakes to make memories with their baby.


“The Care Package got me through the tough times. I was really grateful for this beautiful gift.”

~ Katie, River’s Mom

About Care Packages

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep offers Remembrance Care Packages to Colorado hospitals. These care packages provide ideas for making memories and keepsakes in order to make the most of this precious time families have at the hospital with their baby and after. We coordinate with health care workers throughout Colorado to assess their needs and provide them with Remembrance Care Packages. If you would like to see the Care Package contents, click here. 


 We have a need for boy and neutral hats and blankets for our NILMDTS Remembrance Care Packages! If you would like information, click here to visit our website.

“I knit everywhere I go and knitting for the NILMDTS Care Packages has been an amazing experience. Almost everyone knows someone who has experienced a pregnancy or infant loss. It has been a wonderfully humbling experience having so many people share their personal grief stories with me. Thanks so much for all the work you guys do! ”

“It meant a lot to receive a care package knowing that it came from people who are in our same shoes.”

~ Rachel, Porter's Mom


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